Adobe Acrobat Reader: A Better Way to Use

For years, Adobe Acrobat Reader has been the standard for viewing online documents, but with the advent of flash page flip, that is starting to change. Acrobat's revolutionary way of displaying documents allowed companies to retain formatting for a pleasurable presentation experience that was easy on the eyes and lighter on storage space than previous attempts.

Early efforts to incorporate flash page flip technology were ahead of their time and often bogged down the web. Now that connection speeds and computing power is up, the ability to convert PDF to web viewing is easier than ever before, and the technologies like page flip that may not have worked as well in the past are taking over as the preferred form of presentation.

While on the surface it may seem like that could leave Acrobat out in the cold, the reality is far different. Consider these improvements in the way the web runs not a replacement for Acrobat, but a better way to use your existing files. As convenient and fast as Acrobat is, it can still take minutes to download a file of substantial size. And on the topic of size, Acrobat has done a great job of reducing file space, but what if there was a way you could cut back even further? Luckily modern technology allows you to do this very thing.

With flash book flip, it is possible to, with one simple web page, give customers or readers instant access to your documents with the click of a button. No more waiting for the entire document to load before you can finally view the file in peace. No more sifting through the contents of a hard disk to find the appropriate file extension. Just instant web access to the information your readers need with none of the hassle.

But if your company is comfortable with Acrobat, as many are, and you want to continue using it, don't let modern advancements stop you. In fact, now is a good time to harness that power and get more out of your existing documents. With Wi-Fi and DSL Internet connections already capable of producing faster and more convenient experiences, the time is right to take those old PDF files and breathe new life into them through the excitement of flash conversion. Your previous PDF documents don't have to go to some Internet graveyard, and you don't have to start all over and learn a new technology. With the right company, turn any document into a flash file instantly, and begin using the web quickly and conveniently, the way it was always intended.