Page Flip Technology: Bringing the Wonder Back to the Web

Remember the way the holiday season used to be when you were a kid? You just couldn't wait to get your hands on that JC Penney Holiday Catalog, so you could page flip to the toy section and pick out all the things you wanted Santa to bring you on the holiest of days to that young kid, who still believed in magic? As time moved along, you found out Santa was actually Mom and Dad, and that "he" had to pay for all the junk on your wish list.

Then, the Internet came along, and while it wasn't the answer to what you lost from childhood, it still allowed you to do amazing things and rekindle a little of that magic. Over a decade has passed since it became a necessity in your life, and in that short time a lot of changes have been made for the better to remind you of those cool autumn days when the weather started to change, and all you could think about were the possibilities.

One positive change is the way we consume information and entertainment. At first, if you wanted to read for education or pleasure, you had PDF. It recreated the experience of having the pages in front of you, but it wasn't without drawbacks. Turn page flash capabilities were pretty much non-existent. If you wanted to go to the next page, you had to scroll down or click the "Next" button and wait for the page to load. God help you if there were images.

Then, flash page flip came along, but operating it on a dial-up connection gave you the ability to click the "Next" button, brew a pot of coffee, go for an afternoon jog, and prepare dinner for the kids before finally getting to see what was on the page. Hardly convenient! If you were a business owner trying to make a go of your online presence, you couldn't even think about incorporating flash page flip or attempting to convert PDF to web documents.

Today, the speed and convenience of stronger computing power, high-speed connections, HD resolution, full-text search, and user-friendly navigation has brought back the magic. Everything you need, you have at your fingertips at a moment's notice. The Internet has sped up, so you can slow down and bring back the wonder. What will you do with the opportunity?