Turn Page Flash: Save Your Business, Save the World

Turn page flash technology has taken over for PDF in the online world. Increased computing power and faster connections take away customer frustration as they wait for pages to load and information to appear when needed. Instead of taking up ample storage space, documents that define who you are as a company can be stored in easily-navigable, user-friendly formats that open business channels worldwide. Your marketplace is no longer confined to the people outside your back door. Today, expansion is as easy and cost-effective as you want to make it.

But the flash book flip presentations that you see on websites today have reasons that go far beyond looks and convenience. They make a positive impact on the world by unburdening the environment from demands of traditional publishing. A website can make a difference in the ecosystem merely through how it presents materials. At one time, if you wanted to send out catalogs to 5,000 potential customers, and those catalogs had 100 pages each, you alone would be responsible for the destruction of 85 trees. Multiply that times all the businesses of the world, and you can see the potential for ecological disaster.

Then along came the PDF format. While this was a vast improvement for the environment, the clunky reading experience, the large file sizes, and the frustration with graphics intensive content still pushed many towards traditional print format. While the environmental impact proved less, it still weighed heavy as businesses expanded to new markets.

When page flip technology first hit the scene, size and speed requirements were well beyond what one would consider helpful. But as technology increased, it became more viable to convert PDF to web documents and steer potential clients toward websites rather than traditional print media.

Your business may never want to eradicate the need for print altogether. After all, society can always plant more trees to feed the environment. But it becomes much easier to keep up when demand is turned toward a company's website. Flash documents allow you to deliver the pleasing experience of a print catalog to your customers without placing such a far-reaching burden on the ecosystem. That kind of responsibility adds to the reputation of your company, not just as a place of smart business practices, but also as one that equates responsibility to the environment with a successful bottom line.