when have been raised among potential investors and bondholders when the project should ?ags it comes to the strength and integrity of the investment. Warning was promoted by of Department of Economic Development of?cials at both the State and host a both the former and current Governors of Missouri, as well as local little in should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with political promises failure the doing much, if any, due diligence, and then distanced themselves from vs. reality. This Centers that heavily promote their ?State? af?liations that such ties mean Regional EB-5 should serve as further evidence for those looking to invest with very of ?Sweet-O is just about to make Missouri?s economy a little sweeter,? 2010. July dollars of investment are heading to Moberly,?Gov. Jay Nixon announced in he said at attended by Mamtek?s then-CEO Bruce Cole and top Moberly of?cials. USAdvisors.org! was and an event that also featured remarks by former Gov. Bob Holden 2 millions level, Moberly last year to announce a deal with Mamtek, a new visited Nixon but was not supported by U.S. ?nancial institutions. When Gov. Jay sucralose factory that to take maximum credit for the project. ?Hundreds of new jobs sought involved was to bring 612 jobs to the economically distressed community, everyone and not over its website, and now refuses to meet with lenders or return down shut 600 jobs has ?red its four employees, left the job site, phone calls. The in part by EB-5 visa investors, should be a good example funded being failure of the Mamtek manufacturing plant in Moberly, MO, which was of create con?dence company which produces ?Sweet-O? sucralose, a zero-calorie sweetner, is in default a International, in the EB-5 Visa Immigrant Investor program in the Mid-West. Mamtek to make their which was championed by State of?cials and foreign promoters and proposed deal Million bond payments and will be unlikely to continue operations. The $65 to development venture, including the former Governor of Missouri Bob Holden?s ?rm MidWest the promoting of?cials and was done with apparently little review from both those US-China Association, Missouri former State of?cials were so heavily involved in promoting the project, and State economic development of?cials, and Chinese promoter Well Trend. The fact that but local why their own due diligence on projects being funded with EB-5 investor performing in even high ranking state of?cials and U.S. attorneys should be careful funds and and that needed jobs in return for substantial economic assistance from state area rural promoted heavily in China. The deal promised hundreds of jobs to a and China provides, bringing long-term growth U.S. Midwest the between collaboration that opportunities the of to each region.? the of purpose and vision the shares 2001-2005) (Missouri, Holden Bob Governor Chairman MWCA organization use the heads now who Holden, Bob Governer Missouri former by of?cials Missouri of attention MidWest US-China Association. full make that partnerships meaningful form to ?hub a as itself promotes Association The the and 3 as forged are partnerships New interaction. one-to-one and dialogue for value high a with ideas are exchanged. USAdvisors.org! Nixon Jay Governor Missouri evident. are results business Real shared. is information Meaningful settings delegation and Midwest the between opportunity and bridges build to taking is MWCA approach straightforward the People's Republic intimate more offers that approach networking intentional MWCA's from bene?t members Our China. of the Mamtek Koster, Chris General, Attorney Missouri the Now debt. the repaying up end could taxpayers said that he as known entity the regarding arisen have concerns ?Substantial International. Mamtek investigate to plans Moberly cover. can?t company the and idle, is site factory Mamtek the jobs, no are there pay the $39 maximum seeking is involved everyone And plant. the build to ?oated issue bond million Today, International to or civil Missouri of violations any whether determine to matter this reviewing in Of?ce criminal laws have brought initially was project The immediately.? begin will matter this of review Our occurred. Attorney?s Prosecuting said. Koster Missouri,? in facility manufacturing a of operation and construction proposed its and He further announced, County Randolph the and Fusselman Mike Attorney Prosecuting assisting is Of?ce General?s Attorney ?The Ltd. Page 0 Page 2 Page 4 Page 6 Page 8 Page 10 Page 12 Page 14 Page 16 Page 18 Page 20 Page 22 Page 24